Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still going strong....

T'was a crisp September morning, corduroys and socks were in order......but someone had something else in mind

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Times they are a-changing

This week has been glorious. We have spent most every afternoon at the lake. Most afternoons it has just been the two of us, the water so still, the afternoon light fabulous, and the beach quiet, so quiet........just a week ago it was full of life.

There are signs what comes next, what lies ahead.

Still, I wonder when Zoe will wake up and not ask to go to the lake first thing.....will we be alone at the beach in November Zoe swimming to the ladder and back and me in my down jacket, wool socks, hat and mittens pouring carrot and ginger soup from a thermos?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Plannning ahead and someone I would like to meet

or maybe I should rename this post planning behind! for I am still not clear about Zoe's "homeschooling" plan for this year. I thought I had a plan.....continuing her exploration of letters and numbers steadily and gently. However, over the past few summer months I have noticed her change and become much more in her head. Whenever given paper and crayons she wants to write words or numbers, "mama how do you write ......." or "look mama what number is this 31. She can fill page after page with letters and when she gets tired of focussing she shifts to pretend letters. This isn't all bad. Her speech has progressed in leaps.....trying out new words, and sentences daily. But she spends less time daydreaming and much more time "figuring things out." I have noticed her less apt to draw a picture or make something. She seems more stressed out and fearful and for the first time ever is not wanting to leave my side.

She turns 5 in about a month, so she is officially still in preschool

Seeing this change i am thinking about more art, colorful handwork, storytelling, nature exploration, dance, drumming, music and an introduction to the fairy tales. We're going to put away the letters and numbers until Solstice and then re-evaluate.

I have been a fan of Byrd Baylor's books for a while.

The Way to Start a Day
She and illustrator Peter Parnall were awarded a Caldecott Honor for The Way to Start a Day in 1979. Written in free verse poetry, it tells how our ancestors, from the cave people to the Native Americans, greeted, praised and were blessed by the dawning of a new day.
Everybody needs a Rock
Here is my favorite page from this one
"Everybody needs a rock. I’m sorry for kids who don’t have a rock for a friend. I’m sorry for kids who only have TRICYCLES, BICYCLES, HORSES, ELEPHANTS, GOLDFISH, THREE-ROOM PLAYHOUSES, FIRE ENGINES, WIND-UP DRAGONS, AND THINGS LIKE THAT — if they don’t have a rock for a friend."
The Other Way to Listen
those are illustrated by Peter Parnall- super complimentary!
There is also When Clay Sings

are the ones I had already read......
and I just discovered a new favorite

I'm in Charge of Celebrations

I looked for a website and this is about all I can find

Naturalist Byrd Baylor celebrates her birthday on March 28th. Baylor lives and writes in Arizona, presenting images of the Southwest and an intense connection between the land and the people. Her prose illustrates vividly the value of simplicity, the natural world, and the balance of life within it.

and here is a picture of Byrd- Don't you want to meet her?

So our fall reading will include the above Byrd Baylor books as well as some Elsa Beskow "Christophers Harvest Time" and "Woody, Hazel and Little Pip"

I am also introducing some Fairy Tales beginning with Princess Stories

I think we'll also do a unit on the moon, memorize some poems as well as some seasonal crafts.