Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have been asked many times why at 18 I chose to go and study natural therapy............the truth is I didn’t chose it chose me!! Sounds arrogant? Not really. It was the only establishment of higher education that would accept me. As a teen I was much more the “life as education” type, but college was clearly a family expectation the only acceptable way out into the world . My decision to attend Rawoth College was also based on the fact that it was a short program compared to the traditional 4 year colleges, Ironically thus began my life as a practicing herbalist.

The principal of Raworth College upon graduating left me with the following words “you are one of life's non conformists............honor that, do not try to conform”

Whenever I fill out that little occupation box on tax forms and other legal documents I write “Herbalist” proudly. It looks wrong......I am just living my life quietly, with a desire to serve my community, live gently on the earth and learn to live comfortably connecting with Her rhythms. Quite a feat for a girl that grew up in the suburbs of London.

For the past 7 years I have been teaching an Herbal Apprenticeship out of my home in the hilltowns of Western Ma. I always tell students that they are signing up for the lifelong program, not a course I recommend for the student who wants to complete a year or two of school, get a certificate (which I am terrible at printing up!) go to work and come home and not think about work again until 12 hours later while ironing that shirt. I have never ironed a shirt (a job benefit). Studying Herbalism has to be an act of love and be forewarned with beginning a study of herbs you are committing to a life long need of more more bookshelves! So basic carpentry is a pre requisite.

I am almost 36 now- 3 years ago my lifestyle changed dramatically. As a single woman I decided to have a baby. I knew my life would change. I wanted my life to change, and I was up for the challenge. But I couldn’t have known all the ways my life would change. Having Zoe and becoming an herbalist were the best decisions of my life so far......though one could argue that they were not fully made by me alone. Both give me joy daily.

This blog is a kind of meditation, a kind of inspiration, a kind of commitment. I’ll be sharing my seasonal thoughts, gleanings, and musings of the day in the life of a country living mother, an herbalist, and home schooling parent. They’ll be resources, recipes, family activities. and ideas. There will be a theme, teaching children lead sustainable lifes, taking care of their health, while taking care of the earth. If you read it and have ideas and comments feel free to respond.

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Kara said...


This is a great read! I feel it is an extension of our apprenticeship we shared so long ago!! Thanks for sending this and I look forward to reading more and seeing those great photos! Kara