Monday, August 21, 2006

Snow Drop Day 4

An unseasonably cold August morning- Will we be outdoors all day or spend part of the day indoors? I was debating when I remembered....

Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather but cold
Or Whether the weather be hot
WeÂ’ll whether the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not!

After a few repetitions Zoe announced that she will teach it to her friends........

Our morning activity was rolling beeswax candles. Once we got them going it was an activity that even the smallest child was able to participate in. But the candles were tippy! so I got out the clay and we made snake type candle holders!!

I pretty much made lunch today. Tempeh, rice and seasonal veggies stir fry. Buttered Maple Carrots and Edamame beans. A few of the kids helped separate the edamame beans from the stalk.

Annabelle the Angora was also fed with a few dandelion and greens, yellow dock leaves

The story we read after lunch was Dandelion Wish by Sandra Ann Horn

Then it was time for our afternoon activity. Each child was given 3 wooden animal shapes (plywood) which they painted. Then it was glued to a popsicle stick making a simple stick puppet. For the next step was each parent child group made up a story with their puppets and shared them with the group using our new puppet theatre. It was a hit! The children gained more and more confidence with their story telling and the activity continued until it was time to go home.

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