Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Things I did on January 1st with intention......

I wore new underwear!
Cotton=practical but sexy (ok somewhat sexy) to signify the readiness to meet someone special this year! Practical and Sexy! New for financial freedom. And a funky print for creativity and inspiration.

A house full of friends
New friends, old friends, joyful sounds, friendship, shared meals

Cooked two new recipes
Ham (thanks pat) with pineapple and mango
Wild Mushroom and Barley Soup
With the hope of trying more new recipes, better nourishing my family and friends, and to good health!

Finished a creative project
To lots more creativity and completion of projects

Took an end-of -day bath with Lavender oil and read a poem.
Relaxation and simple pleasures!

These all relate to one another......
- Stayed Home
- Fixed something that had gotten broken
- Spent no money
- Stayed out of the Car

To becoming a greener and less consumeristic household. To simplifying. To financial freedom and more budgets. I want to read a book on Biodiesel this year and become better aquainted with the various alternative energies and home options.

Straightened up before going to bed
Went to bed early
Gave thanks...so many things to be Grateful for. I have kept a Gratitude Journal before and will keep one again this year. This can take any form that feels comfortable, list, prose, poetry, collage, doodle, journal.
Kissed Zoe many many many times!

Here is a good New Years read The Revolutionary War. My word of the year is ABUNDANCE. A word that has always felt loaded for me. I have always felt as though it would be "greedy" or "selfish" to ask for abundance. It seemed that I should be asking for something like "World Peace" or "Kindness". This year I will claim it, sit with it, journal on it and see what blossoms.

I have always loved New Years Day! That clean slate feel, freshness, full of possibility.

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