Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What a day! Determined to make the perfect herbal lollipop!

Everytime I turned around crash or oh no!

The goal with the apprentices was to make herbal lollipops- the perfect lollipop.

Functional (ie:a cough remedy or to release nervous tension etc)
Taste (yummy!)
No sugar (ok limited sugar) Certainly no Corn Syrup
And to be esthetically pleasing!

We experimented with various herbs (elecampane, horehound, osha root, orange peel) and various sweetners (maple syrup, barley malt, black cherry concentrate and a little sugar)

These scenes

preceded these

and here are the results.

Yes I know they look more like mushrooms on a stick than lollipops!!!! I see that! We ran out of molds...and in a pinch used Zoes mini muffin pans she uses in her play kitchen....

Back to JoAnns this week......

We passed the test ! our little testers were pleased... at least taste wise!

Next week we will continue experimenting with more herbs and different sweetners and concentrates......Determined to make the perfect herbal lollpop! We even talked about making herbal chocolates!! Next week will be tasty and fun!

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