Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Arrives!

Magic! There is something so magical about beautiful and yet so severe. The trees this morning were silver, shiny and glistening.......Icicles have always intriued precise.......

But when you look closer...........oh no! the bud that had prematurely arrived encapsulated ..........

I have been busy over at the Children's Art Museum. I am using this down time at the Herbal School to get that project of the ground. This week is our GRAND OPENING. We are having a family concert at 3pm with Lui Collins as well as a bake sale (still looking for goodies). We will also have our first kids art opening the theme "Nature in Winter" (our monthly themes are listed over at StudioCAM)

This project The Children's Art Museum was a HUGE risk I took. So I hope it works out as I think it will be a gift to the children in our area.........we are accepting donations of all kinds and are especially looking for

sewing supplies
wool felt
wool roving
scrapbooking supplies
rubber stamps
and ideas!!

If you are cleaning your studio as part of a New Years Resolution please consider sending us some supplies you are no longer using. Donations can be mailed to CAM PO Box 6, Shelburne Falls, MA ) 01370.

And talking of New Year Resolutions I am still working on mine......This is a kind of addendum to my January 2nd post.

~ to 'waste' less time and make more of everday . I know the ways that I waste time (my time monsters). How do you waste time????
~ to go to more exhibitions, plays...
~ to have more patience (especially with Zoe)
~ to cook more and even bake
- to complete at least one craft project per month (especially from the WIP list)

The next herbal apprenticeship begins on tuesday April 17th, the first new moon in the Spring. Some special plans for this years program is to plant a dye garden, a three sisters garden, and a woodland garden and some herbal papermaking, as well as all the usual topics you'll find listed on the website. The program rums every tuesday for 10 months. Please email me for more information.

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