Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day 4
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We spent Tuesday at SeaWorld. I tend to be cynical about expensive “theme” parks but I was presently suprized by SeaWorld. Our experience was both fun and educational. A perfect intro to Marine wildlife for Zoe who was amazed and interested in all the animals.

While at SeaWorld we saw three shows:

1) We lined up to see the new Shamu show called “Believe” but we hit jackpot! A baby whale had been born and instead of the show we watched the baby and her mother bond, learn how to navigate the waters and nurse and watched a recording of the birth form the day before....AMAZING!

The calf’s mother, Taima, gave birth to the 6-foot-long, 350-pound newborn at 4:48 p.m. following a one-hour labor.  Moments later, the baby whale instinctively swam to the surface of the water for its first breath of air.  The calf began nursing within hours.
Taima is also the mother of two other killer whales.  She is 18 feet long and weighs 6,500 pounds.  Taima was also born at SeaWorld Orlando during a 1989 thunderstorm, which is where she get’s her name; “Taima” is Icelandic for “crash of thunder.” 

The birth of this new whale brings the Orlando pod to nine whales, ranging in size from this 350-pound baby to a 12,000-pound male.  SeaWorld's killer whale breeding program is the most successful in the world.  This calf is the 15th killer whale born at SeaWorld Orlando

2) Seamore and Clyde Pirate Adventure starring an Otter (Clyde) Seal(Seamore) and a finale with a Walrus

3)Blue Horizons - an all-new dolphin theatrical performance about the place where sea meets sky.Venture beyond the horizon in an experience that takes you into a world of acrobatic dolphins and whales, soaring birds and leaping water with a spirit all its own.

We thoroughly enjoyed all three.

Zoe also rode on her first roller coasterthe new family experience Shamu (the seats were shaped like a killer whale). She just made the height cut off tat 38 inches- We rode together. She loved it.

I have put together a follow up “curriculum” on an introduction to marine wildlife focussing on the animals we saw there (sea turtle, flamingo, seals, penguins, walrus, manatee, whales, otter) It includes basic info on the animals, photos, online links, and books that go well with the study. I am happy to email this to anyone who would like a copy (free of charges of course!)

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