Friday, March 02, 2007

On geography:

I was not a particularly academic child. School which I really enjoyed was purely social and for after school sports. i was a jock! love of learning was acquired later in life. but I always LOVED geography. Cultural geography, socio economic geography, map making, orientation etc.

On traveling:
I woke up this morning thinking about travel.....Yes just a few days until we leave for Florida but I was thinking about travel in the broader sense.

I LOVE travel.....the travel aspect of travel, the unsureness of travel, the spontaneous element of travel, the “think as you go” element, the cultural exchange, the food, the landscape, the people, the maps.......I have always loved travel. My dad was a Greek sea captain who had traveled widely...been to most every port city in the world but being a Greek, a typical Greek! no where was as wonderful, as beautiful as Greece! As a child our travel included all remote places in Greece and some occasional trips to France and Switzerland. I remember asking my father to go somewhere different in the Summer and he would say that there was plenty of Greece that we had not seen!

In my twenties I was fortunate to have several travel opportunities all over the US, Kenya, Jordan, South America (Chile, Peru, Bolivia)

And the last trip solo (kind of solo, I was pregnant with Zoe at the time) I went to India.

I was determined to keep traveling, planned to home school so that we could travel for extended periods of time. Travel as the classroom..Since Zoe was born we have road tripped widely. and taking annual trips to Greece!! and one to England. The next biggie will be New Zealand in December.

My Love of Books :
I love books! I love reading books, buying books, finding books, making books, writing books...When Zoe was 2 1/2 I asked her how she would like to spend the day “I want to go to a bookstore and buy a book and then go to the coffee shop and read my book!!!!” My child indeed, the perfect day!

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