Friday, March 09, 2007

Road Trip- Looking for signs of Spring!

As we were driving down Williamsburg Road on route to Northampton we drove behind 4 deer running for a while. They just ran down the road in front of us......eventually they run off into the woods although they turned around and stared at us for a while. We stopped the car and watched them eventually run up the snowy/icy bank. No Signs of Spring!

We (zoe and i) are driving from Massachusettes to Florida

We left Northampton at 2pm (march 7th) it was 12 degrees F!

Driving we listened to a lot of Curious George adventures on Cd! over and over.....When Zoe slept I listened to Susan Werner's brand new CD "The Gospel Truth" . I love it! perfect up beat, thought proposing driving music. Another CD that I really enjoyed was Lui Collins 2006 release Closer (the perfect searching for Spring CD). I bought it last Spring and enjoyed it......and yesterday I remembered why. The Cd includes Lui's original poetry and songs as well as a few covers including Cheryl Wheelers "His Hometowm" and a beautiful version of Patty Griffins "Making Pies" as well as the ever popular "Red Red Robin"

and we saw a robin while driving..............

4:30 we were crossing the George Washington Bridge in NYC.... (22 degrees)
(we stopped for dinner with a friend in NJ -Flemmington-)
9:17pm entered PA (passed Philly and Baltimore and DC)
12:30pm stopped at a Super 8 in Stafford, Virginia.

8:40 am Set off (after a latte) it was 29 degrees
11:01 am entered North Carolina
12:00 pm Lunch break in WIlson, NC 44 degrees (shed wool underwear, and smart wool socks replaced with Tevas and Crocs (zoe)
50 degrees in Smithfield NC
3.23pm Saw our first flowering trees!! in Fayetville 57 degrees

South Carolina, Pit stop in Georgia (saw our first Palm trees) reached Florida at 9ish......

9:30pm stopped at a Best Western in Jacksonville.

8:05 am ............ looking for a latte! Before heading to Orlando to meet our friends.
(for the record it is raining!)

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