Monday, April 30, 2007

Lucky Stitches:

and yes the bag is reversable!

The highlight of the few weeks was a basic machine sewing class I took at Lucky Stitches. A four week course...........Highly recommended!! A kick ass sewing experience....I have been wanting to learn how machine sew for years with no luck! that was until my friend Zanne Blair founded Lucky Stitches Sewing Lounge in Northampton! and now 4 weeks later the possibilities are endless.

Other highlights this week have been a FANTASTIC Susan Werner concert at the Iron Horse. The best yet! A great new CD and a stellar band!

Talking Music.... I also heard a new local band Radio Free Earth" /> Kim and Josh Wachtel.....If you live in Western Mass Go see them!

The 2007 herbal apprenticeship began last tuesday...........hoping to see some sun, soon........praying for a sunny May

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zannestar said...

I think the bag turned out wonderfully! and really great fabric too! You should do more mushrooms. It's really cute!