Saturday, May 05, 2007

Office Make over...

No before photo!!

Here in blogland there has been a lot of talk about office make overs..... Soulemama and Zannestars So, my office serves as many purposes:

* Herbal School office: At present this is the bulk of stuff....shelves of books,and manila folders full of research, and old hand outs, past student assignments, and how to tutorials.......8 years of teaching the 10 month apprenticeship and the advanced apprenticeship....PLUS I am an information junky!

* Craft/Sewing Suppplies: About 4 years ago more and more craft supply piles started accumulating, first silver smithing, then woodworking, needle felting, yarns, and more recently fabrics in addition to years of collage and paper crafts collecting! ay ay ay! Bolga baskets and baskets of stuff, yummy stuff!

* About 18 months ago when I founded "The Children's Art Museum" It needed and office yep..that too moved in!

* A couple of areas of current or past volunteer projects, NEHA, NOFA MASS, Gail Ulrich Scholarship Fund......

* Ten years of Client Records

* And Zoe's corner! her handmade desk and chair made by our friend Mindy's grand father, with her craft supplies!

There are some great features about the little yellow office, a window that looks out over the gardens, THE perfect view, a sizeable built in closet. One of the few in the apartement!

and it is a small room! This spring is the perfect time for this project as the other half of our farmhouse is vacant. Friends, good friends are moving in in July! but until then I can spread out, entirely empty the office and start from scratch! But what a huge project. I am searching for inspiration......

Step one: Sorting through the manila files of herbal handouts and student assignments. In minutes my floor was covered in layers upon layers of papers, which began as many many organized piles.

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zannestar said...

oh! you're have to post pictures! pleeeease....can't wait to see! - your progress :-)