Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I have been busy getting ready to go and visit my family in Greece. We leave Thursday. So much to do so this will be brief and to the point.

I have not abandonned my environmental pledges (though I admit that while in Maine over the weekend I bought plastic bottles of water :-( )

Environmental Pledge #4

Having read a collection of books/blogs this summer on eating local, and sustainable lifestyles my household (which consists of myself and Zoe and the Gregory Family) have decided to start small………….. For the month of September we will be eating only local foods (food that has been grown within 100 miles of our home here in Ashfield. At the same time we are assessing all our lifestyle choices, energy use, reliance on fossil fuels, water use , spending etc

I may or may not be able to write/post photos while I am away. I'll play it by ear......


HFVS said...

Hey Tony(a) & little Miss Z -

Wishing save travels to you gals. Enjoy eating local while you're in Greece!

Sienna & Persephone

Flowerpot said...

Love your blog, I am a single mum too, with my 3 children in New Zealand, take care