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the most beautiful place in the world.......

My father inherited the windmill that was built in 1844 from his godmother. In 1994 he began work on fast became his passion, his love............he wanted to spend every moment on the island and even ran for mayor in 1998, must have been a homecoming of sorts.for he had left the island for London England in the 1960's. The windmill and surrounding lot soon became our families joy.....unfortunately my dad passed over a year or two after the project was completed and did not really get to enjoy it as we have.

inside views.....

views from all around....

Egnoussa (Oinoussae or Aegnoussa)

An island formation between the north - east end of Chios Island, Greece. The largest of islands is Oinoussa (14 Km²).
It probably devived its name from the existence of vineyards, which even today produce excellent grapes and wine (Oinos). But there are two more names for the same small island. The most commonly used by the residents is Egnoussa, which comes from "agnos" an ancient name of the osier plant that grows abundantly on the island. Later, in the mid-seventeenth century it was colonised by shepherds from Kardamila, who brought their goats there, which proliferated, so the island was called Aegnoussa (Aega-goat).

During the Revolution of 1821, the inhabitants fled to different parts of Greece and didn't come back until 1827. However, the new taxes imposed on the inhabitants by the Turkish occupants were extremely heavy, so the men had to take to the sea, creating in this way the base of their future ship-owning peak development. The island was liberated from the Turks in 1912 together with Chios. The same thing happened during the second World War, too. It was finally liberated from the German occupation in 1944. The richest and most famous ship - owners of Greece come from this small island.

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Distances from:
Izmir, Turkey 64.6 miles
Athens, Greece 175.6 miles

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