Sunday, September 02, 2007

We have been gearing up around here.......scouting sources of local everything........and the September 1 date is upon us!! Yesterday I went to a farm and found a source of local wheat. Wheat grown and ground at a farm (Upingil Farm, Gill MA) 21 miles from here. While there I found that they are also a good source for cheese at a reasonable price. Their cheddar was great! We have no shortage of yummy cheese but it all comes at a price! Worth it for the work but not affordable to us.

At the farmers market I picked up a loaf of bread from Bread Euphoria (called the Grainery) made entirely from local wheat, some strawberry jam, a bunch of dinosaur kale from Sangha Farm as Zoe loves kale chips (basically baking kale until crispy) and a bag of organic plums which I promptly made into a plum butter well after eating several of them and saving a few for today.

It also occured to me that we have unfinished perishables in the we will be finishing them up, but not replacing them. I am also trying to only spend money locally in order to support our local community.

Recipes on day 1

Breakfast:Scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes, cheese and bacon. Toast and Butter. (All local)
Black Tea (NOT local) with local honey
Lunch: Picnic style fruit, bread, cheese
Dinner: Cauliflower Cheese with kale kinkles, Plum Butter for desert (All local)

List of Farms/ Businesses supported today

Side Hill Farm
Sangha Farm
Eggs from our friends
Upingil Farm
Apex Orchard
our trusted Natural Roots Farm
Chase Hill Farm
Bread Euphoria
Elmers Cafe

Looking for a local source of SUNFLOWER SEEDS to grind into sunflower butter......anyone know of a source??
Also a local source for POPPING CORN.....last year I found some at Whole Foods but did not record where it came from and cannot seem to find it this year, it might have been later in the season.

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