Friday, October 19, 2007

I *heart* red shoes

What is it about red shoes? Old or new, small or big, shinny, glittery or just plain janes. You have seen this one before.

And I agree with Amanda that this cover sells this book..

Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. Last Christmas while we were in Greece I bought my sister this book (in Greek) I had no idea what it was about but the look the presentation. I couldn't wait until it came out in English and hoped that the cover would not be changed (it so often is)

Here are some of my flickr red shoe favs:
Shoes for Five Sisters
Red Shoes
Red Shoes
My new Red Shoes

and WOW! Check out these Hand Made Italian goodness!

Zoe also loves shoes. She has great shoes! Luckily for me her feet have been growing slowly so she has been getting at least a years worth of wear. She is still loving these Stripped sneakers I got her last January. She does not need another pair...Still I am loving these for the holidays. L'Amour T-Strap Red Leather Shoes

I also have some red favs over at Zappos

Naot Sea
Naot Bramble

There is a little frivoulous post to celebrate getting my computer back!!!

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Donna said...

I love red shoes as well. I've got a shiny patent leather pair of Elefanten t-strap shoes that I've been saving for Ivy--I think I bought them when she was a baby, and they're still too big, probably be another year or so before they fit.