Monday, November 05, 2007

More tea love

Has anyone tried "Pu-erh Ginger Tea" made by Rishi? Wow! I mistakingly bought it thinking it was a black tea with ginger and orange. It tunrs out Pu-erh Tea (Named after Pu'er county near Simao, Yunnan, China) is a type of large leaf green, there is semi green and a dark green.It is traditionally made from old and wild trees. Pu-erh leaves can be compressed into tea cakes or bricks, and then wrapped using various materials, which when stored away from excessive moisture, heat, and sunlight mature the tea. Pressing of pu-erh into cakes and aging the tea cakes possibly originated from the natural aging process that happened during horseback caravans on the Ancient tea route!!

For more that you have ever wanted to know on read about Pu-erh Tea hear

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