Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Story of the Weeping Camel

Last week at the library Zoe picked out this movie from the kids section,
"I want to learn about Yaks"
"But Zoe it looks like that movies is about Camels"
" Yes I know let's get it, the Yak movie" as she hands me the Camel movie
"Oh Ok" I say as we go to check it out. The librarian tell us it is a good choice and that it is beautiful. I try to ask subtly whether it is too much for a four year old. Zoe responds " don't worry mum, it is not too scary for me !"

It is a subtitled movie (there is actually little conversation) set in Mongolia , the Gobi Desert, featuring a nomad community living in yurts. Following a difficult birth one of their camels has a rare white colt which she rejects (refuses to nurse). They call for a "healer" at a nearby town...................It is a great blend of documentary and fiction....a great choice to introduce children to different cultures, different homes, different foods and children around the world. Highly recommended.

Of course after we watched it we got out the map and the world puzzle and found the Gobi Desert. "that is really near 'bet (Tibet)" she says smiling.

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