Thursday, March 06, 2008

and we are off....

in a few hours. Europe bound

Check list:

All packed up- NO
House cleaned- NO
Dressed and Bathed-NO
Animals taken care of-NO
Paper work taken care of-NO

Check back for photos and a travelogue


Stacy A. said...

Hello. You were the comment before mine on Feeling Stitchy and I am so glad. I felt so comforted by your experiences with your daughter. You seem to have a wonderful time together and do great learning and growing activities. Since I also live in MA it is so nice to see all the plants and beauty that is just outside my door. I dont have any children yet but am hoping to in the next few years. You have given me hope that with a little effort, giving your child a posotive education and enviroment can be achieved. I look forward to following you and Zoe in your adventures.

Stacy A. said...

I just realized I misspelled tons of words. It takes me awhile to get my head straight in the mornings. I usually am better than that. Sorry, and thanks again for your blog.

Tamar said...

Hi Tonya, I am also here via Feeling Stitchy - I thought my comment would be the one just after yours, but I clicked over here before posting it and got immersed and...Stacy beat me to it. So, now I've gotten to know both your blog and hers! As a new mama, I'm exploring many of the same things you're already so masterful at doing with Zoe. Lots for me to learn here - thank you for sharing your adventures. Have a wonderful time in Europe!

Muriel said...

Thanks for your comment on my cinnamon carrot cake.
Have fun in Amsterdam! Be sure to visit the Noordermarkt (market) with organic produce.

zannestar said...

HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!!! Can't wait to follow along. Let me know if you need anything! enjoy!xxooz