Saturday, March 15, 2008


How to summarize our few days in Prague? What a city! 

The drive from Amsterdam was a little further than expected so we ended up stopping over night in Baroun. The highlight of the drive was for sure the street signs. Some of them were hillarious. I will have to find some and post soon. We made it the last hour or so the following morning and landed at a beautiful hotel called Hotel Evropa. It was a 600 year old building in the art nouveau style and although the guide book talked it town we recommend it if you are not looking for modern conveniences but art and beauty! Our room was huge, almost the size of my apartement and Zoe thought it was a palace. I will post some photos here when I get to Greece.

Some of our highlights were:

Food... Not for the vegetarian but very tasty. Very slim on fresh produce however. Creative as can be with potatoes.

We saw a performance at The Black Light Theater "Yellow Submarine" an interpretation of Beatles music! It was so fun. Black light theater is a typical Czech performance type where everything/ images/figures are painted with a special light which you can only see under special lighting. I am thinking of a fun similar project that we can do with our homeschooling coop when we return using this style of art/performance. Zoe was soo excited that she knew the song " Yellow Submarine!"

Marionettes puppets are also very popular. I really want to figure out how to make them. There were a lot of Pinochios (not a story we have read yet) and even some Pippi Longstockings (a favorite)aswell as many many traditional ones but Zoes favorite was a princess!!

Prague Castle. Amazing what can I say that has not been said. St Vitis cathedral, oh the stained glass. The astronomical clock! Wow.

Zoe was taken by the Easter Market at Old Town Square....Eggs galore, Czech painted eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs, chicken eggs....Beautifully decorated ginger bread. Pussy willows to my hearts content and lots of fun bunny decorations.

Probably the most random thing was the Barbie exibit inside of Prague castle!!

On the last day we took at day trip to Karlovy Vary This town is located about 2 hours and 15 mins from Prague and is famous for its very healing springs. People are supposed to drink them to heal many ailments. Gina and Zoe tried it and the verdict "old rotten eggs!!"

I never did get used to Czech Krowns currency. It seemed that 10 postcards, a meal for 3, and a pair of shoes cost the same amount!!!!

We also had fun discovering a Czech childrens book author Zdenek Miler who has written many little Mole books. We fell in love with "Little Mole and Mothers" I'll post photos once we get home.


Pat said...

Very exciting to be in Prague. My father's family came to America from there and I would love to visit it some day soon. Today my siblings and I are getting together to make a family recipe of Czech origin - with potatoes, cabbage and pork - definitely not vegetarian but yummy and lots of work. Safe journeys and love to you all. Nicholas says hi to Zoe.

Poppy & Mei said...

Oh my goodness!
I haven't seen you for ages!
I keep getting stuck on one paticular blog in the ring & can't get past.
Prague! You lucky ducks. Prague is my dream. One day.
That mole is so hilarious, he was on TV here when I first arrived in Japan...Xxx

Cadi said...

I have never been to Prague, but lived soooo close for many years. I know I have had a former life in this beautiful city! :-)

Enjoy your trip!