Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a guest photographer

a photography scavenger hunt. Ready, set, go....

adventure wednesday: through the eyes of Zoe my guest photographer....her first day with a "grown up" camera! we worked on getting the whole subject in the view finder. She was dying to play with the zoom but I encouraged her to work on "composition" first. Zoom next week!

a self portrait

a letter "H"

a photo of something out of place:

A photo of my mum:

A fairy house:


Donna said...

What a fun activity! Zoe is just so beautiful.

We call those holes in the bottom of trees "goblin houses". Is Zoe allowed to watch television? Little Bear is a show that has a lot of imagination and fantasy stuff, that's where we learned about goblin houses.

Sienna said...

Too cute!