Thursday, April 10, 2008

My little Jumping Bean!

Today, my friends it hit 70 degrees! I felt warmth. Sun on my white Winter skin. On our trip we saw many signs of Spring at the local markets but Iwho would have thought the first really Spring like day was felt right here in Ashfield. Home Sweet Home! Now I know we'll have plenty more cold wet days. But tonight I am enjoying not making a fire and feeling the April breeze.

With our new schedule Thursdays is the day that Zoe and I spend together. Today we drove into Northampton. I have always enjoyed the first days of Spring in the streets of Northampton. Barefeet everywhere, young people sat in groups on the sidewalk reading, guitar playing, merrimaking while taking off layers of clothing. The little town park filled with all sorts of people enjoying a quick glimpse of the sun, eating their lunch on the grass, dog walking, a cigarette break, toddlers playing on the slide, kitten walking, a group of mothers with their infants on blankets on the grass, stilt walking, homeless, hula hoopers, flirters, weasel walkers.....and Zoe greeting them all as she got familiar with her "special powered super bicycle" again.

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.

- Emily Dickinson, #1333

You'll see her sporting a sweater I patched up for her last night.

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