Friday, June 27, 2008

8 months ago

I stayed up into the wee hours to finish a birthday dress for Zoe's 4th Birthday. My first dress. She hated it! She threw it across the room. It landed on the rocking chair ........

Fast forward 8 months.
Seven o'clock this morning

"Mama look what i found. (it has been on the rocking chair for 8 months! waiting for a new mats? napkins?) i love it. can i wear it? "

The beautiful "Zoe" stamp worn as a tattoo is a custom made name stamp from Craft Pudding on etsy. I love all her stamps.

So i took it as a sign and pulled out the sewing machine which has recently been collecting dust, cleaned off the table and got to work sewing a summer outfit. It flowed....a great sewing day. Pictures tomorrow as it is dark and gloomy again.

Now maybe I can finish the barettes and floral ponies that I began this Spring and get them into my etsy store.....

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paulina said...

‘Zoe’ is a nice baby. In this picture she looks very pretty and beautiful baby