Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yesterday (Monday) was the third meeting of my Little Snow Drop program for preschoolers. We (parents and preschoolers) meet once a month for a full day. I am pasting below what we did today.

Snow Drop Discovery Program Day 3

10-10:45 am Arrive. Free Play Outside.

10:45 Read and talk about “If You Find a Rock” by Peggy Christian”

Other relevant rock books: The Memory Stone by Louise MacDonald
Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor

Chosing and Decorating a “Wishing Stone”. (I had a bag of mexican river stones) After painting we let them dry while all the kids took a swimming break. Next we transformed our stones into turtles.

River Stone Turtles
Find round or oval smooth river stones – small, medium large…cut out strong wool felt (100% wool felt is best) head, legs, and tail, then glue them to the bottom of the stone so they stick out in turtleness. Put them out on a log in the woods by a creek…let their story unfold.

12:00 Lunch preparation. (Feed Annabelle the Angora)-Collect dandelion greens, yellow dock leaves)
Lunch today was quinoa and veggies.

12:30 Eat Lunch

Blessings on the Flower
Blessings on the root
Blessings on the leaf and stem
Blessings on the fruit.

Outdoor free play. Kitchen Clean up

1:30- Story time followed by afternoon activity

Charlie Needs a CLoak Tomie dePaola
Pelles New Suit Elsa Beskow

Afternoon Activity Wet Felting- Rainbow Necklaces

3:00 Afternoon Snack

Pop Corn and Fruit Salad (Child Volunteer to help cut up fruit and make pop corn)

Pop, Pop, Pop!
Pour the corn in the pot.
Pop, Pop, Pop!
Shake it till it's hot.
Pop, Pop, Pop!
Lift the lid. What have we got?

Free Play until people leave

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