Wednesday, November 15, 2006

As a teen I was intrigued and mesmerized by everything Tibetan.....Buddhism, History, Literature, Art, Culture and Peoples......I collected books and dreamed about visiting.

Fast forward many years. My interest, my "infactuaton" with all things Tibetan mellowed and I searched for a donor to have a child........I find one, a Tibetan man. Funny how life turns out.

I am always looking for children's books books with a Tibetan theme. We have a collection.......

All the way to Lhasa A Tale from Tibet by Barbara Helen Berger

Far Beyond the Garden Gate; Alexandra David Neel's Journey to Lhasa by Don Brown

The Mountains of Tibet by Mordicai Gerstein

Our Journey From Tibet by Laurie Dolphin

Where is Tibet? by Gina Halpern

Tibet Through the Red Box By Peter Sis

I am yak- All you have wanted to know about Tibet's most beloved animal

I have no idea why an amazon used seller is selling this for $73!! It sells new for about $3.95!!

Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas (Hardcover)
by Naomi C. Rose, Pasang Tenzin

Tashi: The Tibetan by Brooking-Humphreys, Guy and Tashi Norbu

Tibetan Folk Tales (Paperback)
by Frederick Hyde-Chambers, Audrey Hyde-Chambers
I am not all that fond of this book on Tibetan Folk Tales...I am looking for a better one. Any ideas? I have one book marked on Amazon but am undecided. I have only read Zoe the Barbara Berger one so far, It is a favorite,

I'd also like to get her a Tibetan doll or tibetan outfit for her doll......Anyone make doll clothes? We have a great Lama I would like a yak too.

At some point I'll make this into an Amazon list. I also have a number of adult books on Tibet but I will not bore you!

and I just watched a great documentary from the library- really well done.
Tibet Pearl of the Himalayas

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