Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ode To Arnica Montana

Yesterday Zoe ran into a wood beam…….she hit the corner right down the middle of her left eyebrow and cheek. I looked up just as it happened, oh! ow! I knew it was a bad one. Immediately "the egg" appeared on her eyebrow, as well as a straight line bruise down the center of her cheek. It just grew and grew……..ooooooh! I had no Arnica with me. I arranged for someone to watch her while I ran off to get some. Within 15 mins I was back arnica in hand, gel and pellets. It was amazing the bruise instantly began to go down. I wish I had photographed it. And today the next day Yes she has a bruise but it is really not too bad.

Why didn't I have some in my bag, or at the museum..............

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