Saturday, June 09, 2007

We had a wonderful time at Eric Carle Museum. We lucked out as we stumbled upon

As we were arriving David Costello author of Here they come was giving a presentation in the audotorium. First he sang a song (a-sing-along song) next he talked about the illustration process in a really understandable way. He also had a question and answer session led by a puppet character from his book. Then together with the young audience a monster was created. Zoe was so into it that after when we were in the art room she repeated the process and created her own monster with 9 eyes and 8 noses......Next ,she wanted to find David and show him her monster. We found him and he added a little monster to her page....a collaborative effort! Then Zoe said "now write your name!"

There was also a fun wand making project that Zoe enjoyed and also a dress up area. (photos to follow)

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