Wednesday, July 25, 2007

long summer days......

this week at the

zoe made "glittery fairy balm" coconut oil, beeswax, tangerine essential oil and glitter.....mucho glitter!

this summer i have found myself with little has been many years since my schedule has been so wide open in the summer months. my first instinct is to panic....bills to pay, child to raise etc....often I've been waking up before z having to talk myself into breathing through the anxiety. I try to let go and to enjoy these long not so warm summer days, the only summer I'll spend have my 3 1/2 year old daughter , and how blessed am i to be able to spend everyday with her! watching her learn to swim, watching her come into herself as a little person, digging, playing..........and living in the most beautiful place i can imagine in the summer months! surrounded by such a great community! potlucks and playdates, farmers markets and community dinners....oh blessed am I.

With more time comes lots of time to think.....think about my impact on the planet, make some choices, work through sticking points, collect information, start practicing what I preach and teach!!! read about how others have done it. the most recent book is

Living the Good Life: How One Family Changed Their World from Their Own Backyard by Linda Cockburn

The premise is inspiring! A family of three in Australia deciding to strive for complete domestic sustainability. The Goal: For six months, the Cockburns wanted to grow, barter for, and make everything they ate; use exclusively solar power; collect rainwater for drinking, cleaning, and cooking; park the cars and turned to bicycles; and aimed to not spend a single dollar. Though there is much interesting factual/statistical information in the book I find the authors voice a little annoying.

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HFVS said...

Persephone loves the fairy balm she bought from Z at the children's market. She rubbed in on her arms, and legs, face and eyes and hair ... everywhere other than her lips!

She's been very inspired by the Children’s Market and is motivated to make things to sell. It’s a great resource to teach kids about commerce, free trade and bargain shopping.