Friday, July 27, 2007

An electric bike.....

For this weeks "environmental pledge"

Unplugging all our electrical appliances at the wall (well the ones that do not need to be running constantly). Really, We do not have so many but a clock radio in the bedroom, we can simply plug it in when we want to listen to CD, a mini stereo downstairs that has an annoying "stand by" not off button and then battery chargers. I did realize this winter when I got a propane heater (after many years heating soley by wood) that the electric bill increased unbelievably....couldn't figure it out at first but ah ha! as soon as I unplugged it.

I am also looking into an electrical bicycle. I am guilty of being heavily reliant on my car ( a 1990 subaru impreza AWD). I live deep in the country on a dirt road. There is not much practical within walking distance.....ample terrain for exploration, relaxing strolls. SideHill Farm where we get our raw milk and from is a hilly 2 1/2 miles away- the closest! Our CSA (Natural Roots ) is 4-5 miles away, the kids market and the farmers market 4 miles away, Zoe's closest playdate 4-5 miles away, the museum where i work 5 miles, the postoffice, and banks 5 miles, the lake 4 miles, the dump/recycle 7 miles, all hilly miles with a soon to be 4 year old! So again I am looking into an electrical bicycle. The areas I need more info on are child seats (do they differ to those on a standard bike?) and how the battery does in cold weather. Any ideas? Does anyone use one?

Here is the one I am drawn to a Suede E, Giant's latest addition to the line..

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Søren said...

hi! I was at Sidehill Farm last night and then I was searching for it online and came across your blog.. I live in Northampton right now but am desperate to get out of The City (ha) and back to franklin County where I grew up.
Your interests made me laugh because they are so similar to mine - even down to HOBOs! I am a little obsessed with hobos, including the word!
so... hi!