Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's has been a while, I know. I have a good reason. My computer is dead awating ressurection. It will be a couple of weeks until it is back with me, so I'll just be popping in to say hi until I am back on track again.

But here is a summary of my week:

- Zoe began 3 days at her home school collaborative. She loves it. I love it too! For the first time in 4 years I have me time.

- Much apple polishing, apple picking, apple eating, apple printing, apple sauce making while learning about Johnny Appleseed. I told the story of the little curious boy on a search for a red house with no doors, no windows, 5 rooms inside and a star inside- what a captivated audience.

- Not enough cider drinking.

- Lots of peach eating. Season will soon be ending. Not ready for that yet. I should freeze some.

- Ate a huge sweet as can be, juicy locally grown pink watermelon!

- Too many dental appointments cause me to be grumpy.

- Super Elecampane Harvest. Syrup to follow.

- Bought "Doodle Stitching" by Aimee Ray for me and "Pumpkins" by Ken Robbins for Zoe

- Read "Christophers Harvest Time" by Elsa Beskow , "Little Red Riding Hood" retold by Andrea Wisnewski and "The Old Tree" by Ruth Brown

- Played with Milkweed and read "Milkweed DAYS" by Jane Yolan

- Unsucessfully tried to needle felt Milkweed!

- Am thoroughly enjoying these Indian Summer Days-my favorite season

- Started planning a birthday party (she's turning 4)

- Determined to grow an apple tree from seed

- Watched "Little House on the Prairie" with Zoe- I am in love with the apron dresses with the bloomers. I must learn to sew bloomers. Read Zoe some of the "my first little house books"

- Cut and pinned my first quilt (brown and pink) Pictured below in the early stages, it is much bigger now

-Cut and pinned a pinafore dress for Zoe's birthday

- Started reading Zoe "The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly: The Bee Who Lost His Buzz, Pumpkin Crow, Lucy Goose and the Half-Egg" by Reg Down, so sweet

-Made Zuccini muffins. Pumpkin muffins next up.

-Began making my napkins for the napkin swap

-Thought about our Fall nature table. We still have out summer holidays one up.

-Signed uo for my first craft show as a crafter and not an herbal products person!

Now for some photos:

A head scarf I made for Zoe a few weeks back loosely following an Amy Butler pattern. Using some "trefle" Japanese Fabric purchased from Superbuzzy. In process made a self discovery. I do not like to cut into fabric! I like to see it piled neatly on my shelf and day dream about the endless possibilities for it. Once a cut has been made the dream ends!


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