Thursday, November 15, 2007

My other hat! (and a holiday give away!)

Being an herbalist and a mother are the two roles I am most comfortable with..........recently I have been wearing many hats. Some I am just trying on for size and others seem to be new roles I am falling into. When I meet new people in my community I am always surprized the role they might know me as is the person who runs the "Children's Art Museum" in town. A relatively new role.

The Children's Art Museum was started as a labor of love a little over a year ago. My original intention was a place of beauty where children of all ages could come and find their muses, experiment, create and try on new hats! Some of you may have seen the blog StudioCAM.

In the past year we have hosted some great sold out concerts The Nields, Lui Collins, and recently Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang ALL THE WAY FROM LA!! We have had a whimsicle Fairy Tea Party, a gruff pirate party!, Fun Art openings (Mischa Epstien Alvorado), a great puppet show Dr Marmalade, we have our own homeschool group that meets on Wednesdays, we are home to a Mucho Gusto Spanish and a Hilltown Music Together. Not to mention the fun art classes; making clay, papier mache, sewing 1-2-3 and more. And lastly and perhaps most importantly we have formed a great relationship with Hiltown Families and have been recently co-sponsoring and planning events. Not bad for a first year!

Those were the events that took off. The memory makers. It has been hard work, sometimes rewarding and sometimes not. There were probably as many events that flopped!

The hat that does not seem to fit so well is the hat of a business person! I can plan/coordinate a fun event, I can make flyers, create a space, refinish old furniture, find great books, take fun photographs, make good medicine!!..........but writing grants and collecting funds I tell you is not my forte! To help with the finances at CAM we are holding a raffle, the prize a Tote Bag filled to the top with quality Art and Craft Supplies and Projects and Creative play games ( including Stockmar beeswax crayons, Haba games, a Harrisburg Peg Loom and Usborne Art Book and much more…..hours and hours of creative fun!!) For more info check out the StudioCAM blog. If you feel so inclined please do enter.

and finally the holiday give away......heads up for tomorrow I will be postiing a holiday give away........A clue, A clue I hear you ask for a clue. You'll find a clue in the June 18th post

Have you guessed yet? Just check in tomorrow.

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