Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gingerbread Tornado

We were down in NJ visiting friends. It was everyones first Gingerbread house experience. She wanted NO assistance or instruction......so the Gingerbread Tornado hit.

And then the sugar high ...... oh it was disastrous.

At least fun was had making ginger bread cookies.

Now we are ready to make those great Martha Stewart gingerbread mobiles.

We have had a great time reading Holiday Books. Some old favorites and some new to us and some brand new books.....

"Winter's Gift" by Jane Monroe Donovan is our favorite new book so far this season. So heartwarming and gentle a tale and beautiful illustrations.

We have also enjoyed Jan Brett's The Three Snow Bears also new to us this year. We are Jan Brett fans! I love her artwork.

****I have been having trouble with blogger?? anyone else?? Photos not uploading? I have been trying for days to write this post***

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Felicia said...

Oh no! I've never tried a gingerbread house as I've always been afraid of the result.