Monday, December 03, 2007

A Wish to be a Christmas Tree

The snow was perfect. Our planned advent activity was to get a tree, though we live on the Christmas Tree Farm this is the first year that we have been around for enough of the Holiday Season to justify a tree. We had fun choosing, asking permission, and dragging it up the hill....Zoe was a trooper.

Todays book was a Wish to be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Munroe. We also read a few more after playing in the snow The Big Snow by Berta Hader, Elmer Hader. This one is one of my favorites and began While the Bear Sleeps (Winter Tales and Traditions) Retold by Caitlin Matthews

I had fun playing with my camera while Zoe built a snowman....and jackpot managed to take the perfect holiday card shot. The timing perfect as tomorrows activity is card making! I am not going to post it until after the holidays!!It would ruin the surprize now.

Throughout the day I also managed to catch up on some personal crafting projects and home chores and much needed couch time! after run run running for so many days. We also found a moment to update our nature table............the snow queen made her spectacular entrance.

"King Winter now is in the land. He rules with cold and freezing hand. He makes Jack frost touch nose and
toe and brings the white and shining snow."

By Elizabeth Lebret


tamlovesran said...

How beautiful the snow is! We don't see that much down here in Georgia. And I love your crafty creations in your previous entry, espcially the winter crowns.


Diane said...

Wow, what a little darling your daughter is! And beautiful pictures too. I hope we can get our tree this weekend. Ever boiled the needles for tea? I tried it recently. Loaded with vitamin C, but it tastes a little weird... Anyway, thought I'd share that!