Monday, December 24, 2007

scenes from the night before Christmas

the dishes were piled in the sink (sorry no photo!)

the child was fast asleep in her nook!

How am I to sing your praise,
Happy chimney-corner days,
Sitting safe in nursery nooks,
Reading picture story-books?

( Robert Louis Stevenson)

wearing new jammies and mum was sewing away!

finally inspired to create Zoe's all came together in the 13th hour! A magic blanket for her reading nook.....magic because it can take her anywhere she wants to go, a day dreaming blanket........on one side is a world map fabric with several appliques that look like polaroids with some pictures of places she has been and people she loves and the other side a soft cotton flannel fabric that looks. Thematically it fits with the gift that I bought her (a 24 piece world map puzzle from Barefeet Books) and a mini Usborne books atlas. This is a child that talks about travelling ALL THE TIME! Even at 4 she is a good traveller. A cushion to follow in the New Year.

And now I know why it is best to have our little ones write letters to Santa earlier on in the month! Tonight we wrote our letter to Santa and whoa!!! full of suprizes! All along she has been alternating between requesting "Candyland" or anything" Santa wants to give me" but tonight, the night before Christmas she started listing parts of the playmobil hospital set! "I would really like the vehicle with wheels that takes sick people to the hospital" About a year ago on ebay I picked up a bag of hospital people and beds. She has really enjoyed setting them up and playing hospital. Recently we set up a 3 story hospital using some dollhouse furniture and some wooden bricks.

Better go and drink the pomegranate, ginger, orange peel brandy that was left out for Santa! Happy Holidays to everyone.....May Joy surround us all and peace be in our hearts.

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