Friday, January 04, 2008

When the cold cold wind blows.....

we stoke the stove and drink lots of tea

eat waffles, drink hot cocoa and another cup of tea. (I'm still loving "Pu-erh Ginger Tea" made by Rishi blogged about on Nov 5th)

play Dr Hedgehog...over and over.......that door mouse and blackbird *must* be feeling better by now!

dress up

and are so thankful for friends. Friends who will visit in the dead of Winter and join us as we cozy on in....thanks for coming to play Iz and Zanne. I cannot wait to take another class at Lucky Stitches.. Zanne helped me achieve one of my New Years Resolutions last year....learning to use a sewing machine! Oh that had been on my list for years and years! I am still working on articulating this years goals....but that is another post.

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Shirl said...

Lovely pictures and beautiful herbal tea tins.

Happy New Year ... :0)