Monday, May 12, 2008

Fish and Spirals

A friend's thoughtful husband offered to take Zoe for the day yesterday........A day to myself! Fully appreciated and fully enjoyed. When in the evening I went to pick her up she handed me a Mother's Day gift. A rainbow trout that she caught at the lake. She's been talking about wanting to fish and while she and her friends were playing at the lake they wondered over to a man fishing. He gave them each a turn and voila....DInner.

I must admit I have never eaten a fish right out the lake. I have never skinned, cleaned or be-headed a fish! Zoe was so eager to participate in the process that I thought I'd give it a try. An hour or so later fish for dinner!

I have always loved spirals. The Wise Woman Tradition of Herbalism takes place in a spiral. I always seem to be drawn to the spirals all around.....Here are some pictures I gave taken over the past week.

The pink one is looking inside a magolia blossom and the second Korean Fairybells

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