Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Summer of Color (for the Kids)

Join us in exploring colors this summer. Get your kids exploring with their camera noticing the colors that surround us. We'll photograph, paint, craft and read as we explore colors. Weekly I will post crafting ideas that you can do with your children while exploring the theme color of the week and link to books and stories also. I am also accepting submissions of projects, poetry (written by your kids) and suggestions of books for each color. If a project is used it will include a link to your blog. (Please send project idea submissions no later than the week before a color is going to begin)

June 28-July 5 Red
July 6-July 12 Purple
July 13-July 19 Blue
July 20-July 26 Pink
July 27-August 2 Green
August 3-August 9 White
August 10-August 16 Brown
August 17-August 23 Yellow
August 24-August 30 Orange

I will set up a flickr group so that we can see our kids creations......

Here are a couple of books that may help with inspiration

Berry Smudges and Leaf Prints Finding and Making Colors from Nature by Ellen Senisi

Nature Crafts by Joy Williams

Please leave a comment if you intend to play along with a link to your blog if you have one, Thanks.

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Sienna said...

This has inspired me to put together a color episode for HFVS. T&Z, you gals are always a great source of inspiration!