Thursday, October 05, 2006

Elecampane Syrup

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Not too much done or made in the past few days.....On Tuesday we dug up Elecampane Root. (FOR MORE ON ELECAMPANE SEE Friday, July 14, 2006). The plant springs from a perennial rootstock, which is large and succulent, spindleshaped and branching, brown and aromatic, with large, fleshy roots.

(French) Aunée
(German) Alantwurzel
(Welsh) Marchalan

Other than that I have been painting the museum space. Here is a picture of Zoe enjoying her painting while I primed the walls. That lasted about 3 mins!!!!

We are heading back up to the Merriconeag Waldorf School in Freeport Maine tomorrow for part teo of my Lifeways training. This weekend's focus is on Pupptry with Suzanne Down Should be a good one!!

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