Thursday, October 19, 2006

I have not been blogging- life has fallen into chaos. I have been so very busy preparing the space at the Childrens Art Museum (soon to have a website, just returned from the second part of my Lifeways training AND had a 3rd birthday party to plan!

let’s start with the birthday party........

It has kind of been a birthday week....her birthday was on Oct. 9th but that was the day we drove home from my training in Maine........we had a nice dinner that night........and then various gifts arrived in the mail all week from our friends and relatives in Europe. The birthday party was planned for Sunday. I ended up going with plan 'B" the simpler one....i had wanted to make gingerbread people for the little ones to decorate and do a puppet show of "The Gingerbread boy"....... Zoe did a fine job of letting me clean but when it came time to cook she was done and needing some first I started to get aggravated I was so on track..... it didn’t take me long to realize/remember that if it was really all about her what she needed more is me being present as opposed to all stressed out- my words were telling her that I was doing this for her....but my soul gesture was I am stressed.....I have been thinking a lot about soul gesture.......

The "Pumpkin Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting" finally did get made. I was happy with the little party favors of little woolen gnomes in a mini basket. Also thanks to Kelly O'Neil at Sunshower Kisses each child got to take home a felt crown.

on the lifeways training......

This session we talked about nursery rhymes, voice, soul gesture (this was a good one for me as too often i show my angry with body language not words). This will be something I am sure I’ll work on for a while...........

We also needle felting puppets. i made Daffy Down Dilly (ready for Spring) . I had wanted to make a Jack Frost but the colors that were offered for us to use were Fall or Spring,. I did begin making a Jack Frost this week but I seem to have gotten myself stuck.........I'll have to come back to this.....

"who comes creeping in the night
when the moon is clear and bright
who paints the leaves red and gold
wen the Autumn days turn cold
up the hill and down he goes
in and out the brown corn rows
making music crackling sweet
with his tiny frosty feet
his name is Jack Frost, he paints with ice,
he turns the world so magically nice."

I also fell in love with "rod puppets" and look forward to having the opportunity to make one. I have so many craft ideas....I wonder when I will get the opportunity to be crafty again. Inspired by my Lifeways training and some great blogs I have been perusing I have decided to make Zoe and her friend Sydney a fabric book for Christmas. My goal is to make my Christmas presents this year.

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