Monday, October 23, 2006

Wanting to sew....

For years I have wanted to get a sewing machine.......I have a notebook full of sewing projects.....i love fabric, mostly colourful, repetitive designs, opposite colours a la 50's. It has been many many years since i sewed that skirt in 6th grade! my first and only sewing machine sewing experience. Friends have given me used machines that they picked up at tag sales, heavier than cynder blocks! getting them working was always overwhelming. So at last, last week
I traded in my collection of "not really" working machines for a new Necchi model arrives this week. I am preparing my project list, and holiday gifts.

here are some of my favorite fabrics...........

My first project with be a fabric book for my daughter Zoe and a friends daughter. Next I'll be doing some embellishing on her clothing probably combining some of my favorite stamps with some embroidery....and finally a dress for Zoe and wrap around skirt.........Does anyone have a good pattern for a wrap around skirt for a 3 year old?

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